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When you are driving on I-70, I-25, or any other Denver road, the chances are that you see a barrage of billboards advertising the services of a personal injury lawyer. You will see these same advertisements plastered on the side of RTD buses. These ads all feature a lawyer in their best professional dress, promising to stand up for you.

However, when it comes time to hire an attorney after an accident, many people do not understand what a personal injury lawyer does and why they need one. Lawyers tell you to take their word for the fact that you need their services. Once we explain the personal injury legal system to you below, you will understand why you need to hire an attorney.

When you do hire a lawyer, the attorneys at Varner Faddis are difference-makers who work hard for you to get the most possible money. Call us today for a free consultation. We work hard to get results for our clients, and we have helped thousands of people get financial compensation for their injuries.

Some of our successful case results include:

  • $1,250,000 for motor vehicle accident injuries
  • $1,130,000 for personal injuries
  • $900,000 for personal injuries
  • $800,000 for motor vehicle accident injuries
  • $750,000 for wrongful death
  • $730,000 for motor vehicle accident injuries
  • $590,000 for premises liability

Familiar Places for Personal Injuries in Denver

You can be injured anywhere in the Denver area and any season.

Here are some places where you can suffer a personal injury caused by someone else:

  • In a crash with an RTD bus or as a passenger on one
  • In a car accident I-25
  • By a truck in the I-70 trucking corridor
  • In a spill in a supermarket aisle at King Soopers or Walmart
  • Walking down the streets and tripping on a piece of broken sidewalk in the Central Business District

How Personal Injury Lawyers Help You and Your Case

NTLPersonal injury law is an extensive topic because the accidents seem far different, but you may find several unifying themes in any case, no matter what happened:

  • A personal injury lawyer will need to investigate what happened and gather evidence that can show that someone else was responsible for the accident
  • You will need to prove that someone else was negligent in your accident
  • You are dealing with a penny-pinching insurance company that does not want to pay you what you deserve
  • You may be struggling with finances because you are unable to work and dealing with large medical bills

You Have the Burden of Proof in Every Case

We have talked about what you need to prove in every personal injury case. We stress that you must show what happened and why you deserve financial compensation. If you cannot show that your facts are more likely than not to have occurred, you cannot receive monetary compensation.

In any personal injury case, you must meet all four elements of the negligence test to win. Whether you were alleging that you got attacked in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center or injured in a crash on Colorado State Highway 470, the test is always the same.

The primary focus is showing that someone else acted unreasonably under the circumstances. Personal injury cases will consider what an average and reasonable person will have done under the circumstances.

For example, here is what reasonable people do in different contexts:

  • They clean up spills in a supermarket aisle within a reasonable period after they occur
  • They provide additional security if there is a history of criminal activity in the area
  • Truck drivers follow the law and rest according to requirements
  • Drivers do not speed, nor do they look down at their phones when they are behind the wheel
  • Motorists carefully check their blind spots before they change lanes or make turns

It Is Not Always Easy to Get the Evidence that Proves Your Case

When someone does something that departs from the standard that a reasonable person will follow, they can be legally responsible for what they have done. When you can prove what they did, you are entitled to damages to compensate you for everything you have lost.

However, it is not always easy to gather the evidence necessary to show that someone else was at fault. Before reaching that point, you must prove exactly what the person who injured you did. Then, you will compare it to what the reasonable person might have done under the circumstances to see if they departed from the standard of care.

In many cases, the issue is coming up with the necessary proof. You must have more than just your word to show what happened. If it is just your word against the defendant’s, you will likely lose your case.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Show What Happened

A personal injury lawyer works to gather the necessary evidence to prove your legal entitlement to damages.

Personal injury evidence can include:

  • Eyewitness testimony from people who saw what happened
  • Pictures of the accident scene
  • Security camera footage
  • Maintenance and inspection logs from property owners
  • Your medical records
  • The police report from the scene (although this is not admissible in any trial)
  • Testimony from an expert witness who can reconstruct accidents

An attorney must quickly gather this evidence once you call because proof can fade and get lost. Contact a lawyer as soon as you can after your accident because investigating an accident long after it happened can become virtually impossible.

Your capacity to gather evidence is limited because you are dealing with your injuries, and you may not know how to get the proof you need. The defendant certainly does not want to hand over what you need to sue them.

Proving your entitlement to damages is just one part of the personal injury picture. Of course, it is a crucial first step because there is no compensation without it. In many cases, your battle begins when you show that someone else was responsible. Sometimes, the insurance company readily concedes liability when there is no doubt about what happened, only to use their tricks when it comes time to discuss money.

Get the Money to Which You Are Legally Entitled

After you hire a personal injury lawyer, the attorney will strategize with you about the best way to get the money you deserve. Some accident victims will try to deal directly with the responsible party’s insurance company to settle the claim, while others may file a lawsuit. Everything depends on your circumstances and your attorney’s judgment.

Before you begin to talk about compensation, the most important thing is knowing the value of your case. You should never trust the insurance company to do what is right, nor should you let them dictate what you get in compensation. They do not have the legal right to tell you what you can get. The amount of your compensation should reflect the extent of your injuries.

Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

Your personal injury damages are unique to you and your situation. The legal requirement is for the responsible party to pay you everything you have lost. Your losses are not limited to what you may think they are.

Of course, the defendant must pay the money that comes out of your pocket, including your medical bills. In addition, they must compensate you for money that you might have earned but did not.

In addition, your losses also include your actual well-being. Even though these damages are more subjective, the defendant still has a legal obligation to pay you for your non-economic damages. Pain and suffering damages are usually the most significant element of non-economic damages.

These damages can include:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Your physical pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Embarrassment
  • Disfigurement

You can imagine how there may be a difference of opinion regarding valuing your damages. Like entitlement, you also need to prove your damages to be paid. It is on you to show the full extent of your injuries.

We Do Not Let the Insurance Company Take Advantage of Our Clients

The insurance company likes to catch you unaware of how much your claim is worth. Many accident victims leave money on the table because they do not know how much they can and should get for their injuries. Do not let that be you.

One of the first ways that Varner Faddis adds value to your case is by knowing the value of your case. We develop close relationships with our clients to see how an accident affects them. We augment this with cutting-edge technology to compute the value of your claim as a starting point for negotiations. The insurance company has its own technology. They will know exactly what your claim is worth before they try to underpay you for it.

Insurance companies need someone to hold them accountable and keep them honest. Otherwise, they will try to run roughshod over you at every step. It is either them or you during the claims process. We will protect you from their overreach and work to get as much money as possible for your injuries. If it means filing a lawsuit and taking your case to court, our attorneys have spent time telling accident victims’ stories to juries in the courtroom. Our modern approach and technology help you maximize the value of your personal injury claim.

We understand the trials and difficulties you face as an accident victim because we work with injured claimants every day. Although we have helped thousands of accident victims, we also understand that no two personal injury cases are the same. You will get access to your attorney throughout your case, and we will handle your matter with sensitivity and responsiveness.

Denver Personal Injury FAQs

How much is the average personal injury case worth?

We cannot give you an exact estimate without knowing the specifics of your case. Telling you an average settlement amount for each type of case will not help you much because your damages depend on your specific injuries.

How much will a personal injury lawyer cost me?

The good news is that you do not need to pay money out of your pocket to get legal representation in your personal injury case. Hiring a lawyer comes at no risk to you. The lawyer will only get paid if you win your case. Then, they get paid out of the proceeds of your personal injury settlement or jury award. If you do not win your case, you will not get a bill for your lawyer’s services after your legal matter.

When should I call a personal injury lawyer?

Get in touch with our lawyers as soon as possible after your injury. Begin quickly because you cannot get your money until you go through a potentially lengthy legal process. If you cannot look for a lawyer yourself because of your condition, your family members can help you search for and contact an attorney.

What happens if the insurance company tries to contact me?

Never try to speak with an insurance company on your own. Nothing good can come of it. They are usually trying to get you to admit liability on your own or catch you saying something that they can use against you in the future. You can never persuade an insurance company of anything. It is always better to let your attorney handle your communications with the insurance company to protect you.

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