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Due to the nature of the work, construction accidents happen frequently. Unfortunately, the consequences of these accidents can be devastating, with many workers suffering severe injuries, significant disfigurement, and other lifelong trauma that can permanently affect their lives.

However, if you sustained this harm in a Centennial construction accident, you do not have to deal with these horrifying repercussions on your own. Instead, when you work with an experienced Centennial construction accident lawyer, like those from Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC., you can focus on the more important things, like your healing and recovery. Allow these legal professionals to fight for your rights and the financial damages and justice you deserve.

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And due to this strategic approach and hard work, the firm has helped countless clients over the years and secured millions of dollars on their behalf through settlement negotiations and jury trial verdicts.

If you suffered injuries in a construction accident, do not hesitate to contact Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC for a free consultation. Our legal team can meet with you at your home, the hospital, or even virtually. However, if you can visit us, we are conveniently located on S. Quebec Street, in the plaza just across from William Mckinley Carson Park.

Common Construction Accidents in Centennial

Unfortunately, construction accidents occur for several reasons.

However, in Centennial, these incidents often result from:

  • Slip and falls
  • Falling from significant heights
  • Automobile accidents, primarily when a motorist drives at high speeds through a construction zone and risks hitting a construction worker
  • Explosions and electrocutions
  • Getting hit by an object
  • Getting caught in heavy machinery
  • Getting caught under collapsing objects or equipment
  • Getting struck against an object
  • Falling tools
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Overexertion
  • Power tools accidents
  • Large machinery issues

However, to figure out if your accident rises to a valid legal claim, speak with an experienced Centennial construction accident attorney, like those at Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC. These attorneys can review your accident in detail, determine if you have a viable case, and help you pursue the financial damages you deserve.

Common Injuries Associated With a Centennial Construction Accident

Construction accidents are known to result in significant injuries.

Yet, while the severity of these injuries often depends on the circumstances of the construction accident, these injuries typically include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord trauma and paralysis
  • Fractured bones
  • Neck and back trauma
  • Amputations
  • Significant lacerations
  • Internal bleeding
  • Internal organ damage
  • Eye injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Toxic exposure to chemicals
  • Severe burns
  • Death

What Financial Remedies Can You Pursue Following a Centennial Construction Accident?

If you sustained harm in a Centennial construction accident, there are usually two types of financial remedies you can pursue:

  • Workers’ Compensation: Workers’ compensation is employer insurance that covers those harmed on the job or those who sustain a disability while working. However, by accepting these benefits, the employee waives their right to sue the employer for any monetary damages.
  • Personal Injury Lawsuit: Depending on the circumstances of the accident, a construction worker may pursue legal action for their harm and losses if they sustained them due to the actions of a negligent third party.

While determining which financial remedy to pursue after a construction accident is complicated, when you work with an experienced Centennial construction accident attorney, you will not have to figure it out on your own. Rather, an attorney can clarify your legal options, prepare the strongest legal case on your behalf, and help you go after the compensation you deserve.

Local Information You Need to Know

Although construction accidents can occur anywhere in Centennial, some areas are more prone to these devastating accidents than others. For instance, with construction on Highway 470, workers need to stay aware of the dangers on this road. This highway loops around the Denver metro area, heads down to Centennial, and runs north, ending near Lafayette.

However, because this highway sees thousands of vehicles daily, it is a hazardous road, primarily during rush hour traffic. Consequently, when construction workers are in the area, and motor vehicle drivers do not abide by the road rules, it can lead to devastating accidents and lives lost.

The Statute of Limitations Following a Centennial Construction Accident

Another important aspect that residents and locals should remember following a construction accident in Centennial is the time limit that applies to their case. According to the statute of limitations, if an individual wants to bring a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim following a construction accident in Centennial, they will only have two years to do so.

This deadline can change depending on the facts of the accident and whether any exceptions apply. In addition, if these individuals do not file their claim within this statutory period, they can be barred from pursuing compensation for their injuries.

If you sustain harm in a Centennial construction, reach out to an experienced Centennial construction accident attorney as soon as possible. For instance, when you work with Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC., our legal team can promptly review your case, figure out how much time you have to file your claim, and submit your motions, files, and documents before time runs out.

Handling the Insurance Company by Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes individuals often make following a construction accident is thinking that the insurance company wants to help them. However, this is not how these companies work. The insurance company is a business; like other businesses, they want to make money. Consequently, the less money they pay in a claim, the higher their profit.

For these reasons, following an accident, insurance companies and their adjusters will try to find anything they can to use against you to justify paying you less than you deserve or denying your claim altogether. You will not have to deal with these companies when working with an experienced Centennial construction accident attorney. Instead, these legal professionals can prepare you for these companies and their deceitful tactics and even take on all the conversations with them on your behalf, ensuring you do not do or say anything to hurt your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following a construction accident, many victims and their families have numerous questions about their legal options, the remedies they can pursue, and what they should do next.

As a result, we prepared answers to the following frequently asked questions after a construction accident.

What Should You Do Following a Centennial Construction Accident?

After a construction accident, your health needs to be your priority. After an incident, first, seek medical treatment. Even if your injuries appear minor, get them checked out in case they are serious. Medical professionals can help your legal claim by providing you with a medical report detailing the extent of your damages and providing your attorney with evidence of a direct connection between the construction accident and the trauma you sustained.

In addition, following the accident, you should also:

Report the Incident to Your Boss or Employer

Once you get medical treatment following the accident, notify your employer about what occurred. Many states have specific guidelines requiring employees to report any accident to their supervisors or employers within a specific time.

As you make this report, make sure you do so in writing and ask for a copy of it for your records. Additionally, try to be as detailed as possible regarding what happened since this report can provide you with valuable details if disputes arise down the road.

Gather Photos and Evidence From the Scene

Collect as much evidence from the scene as possible. This evidence should include photos and videos of the hazardous conditions of your accident, torn clothing, cracked headgear, and any visible injuries you suffered.

In addition, if people saw the accident, get their personal information. These individuals can help your attorney gain further insight into your accident and provide testimony to substantiate your case.

Keep Employer Correspondence and Provide Everything to Your Attorney

If you emailed your boss or employer about the accident and your injuries, keep a copy of this correspondence and present it to your attorney, along with your pictures of the injuries and any medical and police reports. This evidence can help your attorney prepare a solid legal case to go after the compensation you need.

2. What Types of Damages Can You Pursue in a Centennial Construction Accident Lawsuit?

If you pursue a lawsuit following your Centennial construction accident, you may recover compensation, including both economic and non-economic damages, such as:

  • Medical bills related to a hospital stay, doctor visits, surgeries, prescription medications, and other medical expenses
  • Lost wages and reduced earning capacity
  • Personal property damages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of reputation
  • Inconvenience

However, speak with a knowledgeable Centennial construction accident attorney to determine what specific damages you can pursue following your accident.

3. How Can Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC Help You Pursue the Justice You Deserve Following a Centennial Construction Accident?

Following a construction accident, the whole situation can feel overwhelming and confusing, and securing the money you need is complicated. Fortunately, with an experienced Centennial construction accident lawyer, like those from Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC, on your team, do not fight for this money alone.

Rather, once hired, these lawyers can:

  • Review the facts of your construction accident, determine if you have a valid legal case, and help determine your legal options.
  • Analyze your incident and secure the evidence required to determine what happened and who was at fault.
  • Hire experts to substantiate your case, including accident reconstructionists.
  • Handle negotiations with the other side and go after a just settlement offer.
  • Proceed to trial if the other side is unwilling to get you the compensation you require and fight for maximum financial damages.

Following a Centennial construction accident, do not delay getting the legal help you need. Instead, contact Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC today for a free case evaluation or call us at 720-710-9073 and find out how our legal team can help you pursue the damages you need. Reach out to a Centennial personal injury lawyer.

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