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When a person’s spinal cord injury experiences severe trauma, it affects other parts of their body for the rest of their lives. It is almost certain that people with spinal cord injuries will need to depend on medical and mobility devices, prescriptions, and services forever. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury due to another person’s negligence, you deserve to have the best legal representation for your lawsuit reach out to a Centennial spinal cord injury lawyer at Varner Faddis Elite Legal. 

Why Choose Us to Represent You

NTLAt Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC, we understand how detrimental a spinal cord injury can be for you and your family. We also understand that while learning how to live with your injury, you will also have to deal with financially supporting your injury. Our team has a combined experience of 32 years of successfully resolving cases and getting results. Our spinal cord injury lawyers are skilled at striving for excellence, integrity, and open communication with all of our clients as we fight to secure them the most money they can hope for under the law.

Common Causes of a Spinal Cord Injury

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC) reports 54 spinal cord injury cases per one million people in the United States each year. That averages out to 17,180 new spinal cord injuries per year. There is a reason why spinal cord injuries are considered catastrophic injuries.

A person suffers a spinal cord injury when substantial damage to the tight bundle of nerves known as the spinal cord. These nerves are necessary to help send and receive messages between the brain and the other parts of a person’s body. When the spinal cord is seriously damaged, it can cause permanent changes to other body functions.

Multiple accidents can cause a person to experience a spinal cord injury, including:

  • Sports accidents. Even though sports can be a fun activity, they can also cause serious harm to the participants. Some of the most popular sports like football, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading can cause athletes to suffer from spinal cord injuries.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. One of the leading causes of spinal cord injuries is motor vehicle accidents. Multiple motor vehicle accidents can cause drivers and passengers to suffer from spinal cord injuries. Victims of head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, sideswipe accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents are at risk of experiencing severe pain from a fractured vertebra, herniated discs, pinched nerves, or numbness or tingling.
  • Premises liability. Visitors on-premises with a dangerous hazard can also suffer from spinal cord injuries. Some of the dangerous hazards from a property that can cause a spinal cord injury include amusement parks, elevator accidents, and slip and fall accidents that can cause victims to experience serious harm to their spinal cord.

Average Expenses for Spinal Cord Injury Victims

All spinal cord injury victims have massive medical expenses in common. The Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation report that the average cost of medical expenses for victims with low tetraplegia (a spinal cord injury that affects the person’s ability to move the upper and lower parts of the body) is $769,000 for the first year. For victims with paraplegia, the average cost of medical expenses can total $518,000 in the first year.

Following the first year of a spinal cord injury, the cost of the injury will range from $42,000 to $184,000 a year.

Compensation for Spinal Cord Injury Victims

Because it requires hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for medical expenses for spinal cord injuries, spinal cord injury victims require a lot of compensation. You may not know how much until we can estimate your damages.

The at-fault parties of your accident and their insurance companies know this information, but they will attempt to resolve your lawsuit by offering the smallest compensation possible.

Factors That Determine the Worth of a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

In addition to the severity of your spinal cord injury, other factors can determine the worth of your spinal cord injury lawsuit, including:

  • Your lost income. Spinal cord injury victims lose the ability to make a living due to their injuries. As a result, spinal cord injury victims can include their average salary or wages that they would have received from their occupation as part of their compensation if it were not for the injury.
  • The strength of your evidence. Another factor that increases the strength of your claim is the probability of proving the other party’s negligence. In Colorado, the greater the evidence you have that can prove the other party was negligent in your accident, the greater your chances of success in your lawsuit. The evidence can range from credible witness statements to expert medical testimony.
  • Insurance policy limits. Another factor that can affect the worth of your spinal cord injury claim is the insurance limits of the at-fault party’s policy. The at-fault party’s insurance policy coverage can limit the amount of compensation awarded to you. Suppose the at-fault party’s insurance coverage is not enough to cover the amount of compensation you are requesting. In that case, our lawyers will look for every possible liable party from which to recover full compensation for your injuries.

How Insurance Companies Will Attempt to Resolve Your Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

One of the ways that insurance companies will try to resolve your lawsuit is by offering a low settlement. To prevent your lawsuit from proceeding to trial, insurance companies will suggest that you accept a low settlement offer as compensation.

Many spinal cord injury lawyers suggest that their clients refuse the initial insurance company offer. The settlement offers that insurance companies first provide lower than the compensation you can obtain from your lawsuit. Insurance companies tend to shift the blame for the accident toward the victim. They do this to claim they owe the victim less money.

What a Centennial Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Can Bring to Your Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

Do not represent yourself when dealing with a serious injury. Self-representation will hurt your chances of a strong financial award in a personal injury case.

Once you file your spinal cord injury lawsuit, the at-fault party and their insurance companies will use different methods to avoid their negligence in your accident. Insurance companies may even go as far as to accuse you of exaggerating your injuries and playing somewhat of a role in your accident.

When going up against the at-fault party and their insurance companies, you need a diligent, creative, compassionate, and tenacious spinal cord injury lawyer.

Our spinal cord injury lawyers bring these gifts to the table when representing our clients:

Innovative Case Management Technology

Gone are the days when law firms maintain a cold and transactional relationship with their clients. We use our cutting-edge case management technology to keep the lines of communication open between our clients, ourselves, and the defendant’s legal counsel. Our case management technology allows us to remain aware of all updates from your lawsuit and remain on top of all required documentation for your lawsuit.

A Personalized, Client-Centered Approach

As a result of using case management technology, our spinal cord injury lawyers can focus on developing a personalized, client-centered approach for our clients. We do not use our legal duties as an excuse to treat our clients like another number. Instead, we go above and beyond to learn more about our clients and their stories. Every client deserves to have their story told and express their desired outcomes for their lawsuit.

Creative Solutions for Our Clients’ Lawsuits

After taking the time to learn more about our client’s wishes for their lawsuit, our spinal cord injury lawyers bring creative solutions to our clients’ lawsuits. We design unique strategies for our clients to help them achieve the desired results for their lawsuits. One of our firm partners, Lauren Varner, is a stellar example of using creative solutions for our clients. She had created strategies that resulted in settlements for her clients before filing any actual formal proceedings.

Spinal Cord Injury FAQs

Who are the parties that can be held liable for a spinal cord injury lawsuit?

Based on the characteristics of your accident, multiple parties can be held liable for a spinal cord injury accident.

Some of the common parties include:

  • Motor vehicle drivers
  • Construction companies
  • Property owners
  • Product manufacturers
  • Truck drivers
  • Employers

As long as your legal counsel can prove that these parties are negligent in your spinal cord injury accident, you can file a lawsuit against these parties.

How important is medical testimony in a spinal cord injury lawsuit?

Medical testimony can play an important role in your spinal cord injury lawsuit. The expert testimony of a medical professional can help jurors and judges understand how severe a spinal cord injury is. A medical professional can also explain how the negligent party’s actions led to the creation of your injury and that there is a slim chance of recovery for spinal cord injury victims.

How soon can I file a spinal cord injury lawsuit?

You have a deadline of two years from your injury to file your lawsuit. You will want to file far sooner. Insurance companies can use the time it takes to file your lawsuit against you.

Will my spinal cord injury lawsuit make it to trial?

It depends. A majority of spinal cord injury lawsuits end in an out-of-court settlement. The at-fault party’s legal counsel will most likely want to resolve your lawsuit before it reaches trial. To reach a settlement offer that covers all of your injuries, we can explore mediation and negotiation. We cannot agree after mediation, your lawsuit can proceed to trial, and we can prepare to represent you there.

How long does a spinal cord injury lawsuit take to resolve?

The length of a spinal cord injury lawsuit varies. Opposing parties can settle some lawsuits quickly. Some lawsuits proceed to trial and may more time to conclude. In general, your lawsuit may take longer to resolve based on the severity of your injury. It also depends on the solution that you want for your lawsuit.

If you want to receive compensation as soon as possible, you might settle. If you want to receive the most possible compensation for your injuries, you might consider taking your case to trial.

Follow your lawyer’s lead regarding heading to trial or not. While the decision is always yours, they will provide valuable advice based on their experience in similar cases. 

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