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Bicycle Accidents

​What Percentage of Bicycle Accidents Are Fatal?

Bicycles are a fun way to incorporate exercise into one’s routine, especially after working all day. It’s a healthy form of de-stressing the body and mind and allows one to relax in nature while improving their lifestyle. However, as with any type of vehicle, some risks come with sharing the road as
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​What Are the Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycling is a significant hobby, form of exercise, and method of transportation for millions of Americans. However, because the use of bicycles is constantly growing, the number of accidents is, too. It only takes one wrong move to lead to injuries and fatalities. Bicyclists are exposed continuously and are more susceptible to
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​What Are Colorado Bicycle Laws?

Cycling and the Colorado lifestyle go hand-in-hand. Whether you are using your bike to get ahead of the morning rush hour around Lo-Do or taking your mountain bike into the high country, cycling is a great form of transportation and exercise. In fact, thousands of people bike in Colorado on a daily
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​How Does Wearing a Helmet Protect Your Brain?

In a traffic crash involving a bicyclist, anything can happen. The bicyclist can sustain many types of injuries that can cause debilitating and lifelong symptoms and complications. They can get thrown off their bikes, crash right into the windshields or hoods of vehicles, or get struck directly – all of which can
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​How Do Most Bicycle Accidents Happen?

Bicycles are an excellent form of transportation and exercise, with millions of Americans using them daily to get to and from various places or to get a workout in. As more people rely on bicycles to get somewhere or use them as a form of sport, there are bound to be more
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