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Criminal Defense

All Charges-Found NOT GUILTY

“Eric took my case about a month before I had to go to trial. He showed up and showed out! His preparation for the case was phenomenal! He didn’t forget to study anything. He is the only lawyer I have ever met who actually cares about his clients, they are not just a paycheck to him. He will give you his all!

– Anonymous, Criminal Defense Client

Worth Every Penny

I’ve been in trouble [my] whole life and have NEVER met an attorney like him. He is worth every penny! After his representation, the jury found me NOT GUILTY of 4 charges of 16-32 years and 2 charges of 4-16 years. NOT GUILTY on every single charge! Highly recommend him to anyone and EVERYONE! You will not be disappointed!”

–Donovan, Criminal Defense Client

Compassionate Lawyer

“I was from out of town and didn’t know what to do. I called Eric (He came highly recommended from a friend) and even though I had not hired him at that point, he was very helpful to move in the right direction. I did hire him and he fulfilled all my requests. My daughter was in jail, and I had no idea how to get her out. His knowledge and skills were the best I have ever seen dealing with a lawyer. He not only got her out of jail in a timely matter but got the charges dropped. For as bad as it was, we had a great experience with Eric. If I ever need a lawyer again, I will call him and will recommend him to anyone who needs a compassionate person to help them.”

–Thomas, Criminal Defense Client

Easy to Work With

I was falsely accused in a theft matter. Eric cleared the matter up with law enforcement in one conversation. His advice kept me from incrementing myself. He is easy to work with and had my best interests paramount in his words and actions.

– Joe Slattery, Criminal Defense Client

Ended Up Getting My Case DISMISSED

“I hired Eric to take on a case that I needed dismissed. He communicated early what we might expect and what he will do. He communicated thoroughly throughout the entire process and ended up getting my case DISMISSED. It wasn’t easy but he got the job done!!”

– Tyler, Criminal Defense Client

Mr. Faddis Is An Angel

“Mr. Faddis is a angel. He single handed restored my faith in humanity as well lawyers. Our legal system is flawed in many ways. He listened to every word of my story and even though he knew he personally could not help me, he got me in contact with an attorney that could. I truly have a light at the end of a tunnel that for months was pitch black. Compassion is not a word you hear or think of what you are thinking of an attorney or our legal system. This man truly is amazing and will bring new life and meaning to the word attorney. Setting the bar higher then I could have even imagined. I am grateful to you blessed that I managed to find such an amazing person aka Attorney! I will be telling anyone and everyone I know that this is a go to man if you are in need of legal help. Much Love to you ❤️ from Me and My family.”

– Rachel, Criminal Defense Client

Personal Injury

Fought Relentlessly

“When I met Attorney Lauren Varner regarding bodily and emotional injuries for the first time, I thought she is too young to have enough experience to represent me. I was skeptical of her ability. It didn’t take very long that realize that I was absolutely wrong. After I was hit by an SUV on a sidewalk, I was in total emotional and physical pain. [The] driver who jumped into the sidewalk had no insurance and, at this point, after Lauren read my policy, she discovered that I am insured under my policy. She not only helped and guided me toward the best treatment, she also fought relentlessly against my insurance company to compensate me for my pain and suffering. I still feel guilty of my initial perception of her. I encourage anyone, absolutely, to hire Lauren Varner as their attorney in case of any type of accident.”

–Seied, Pedestrian Accident Client

Great Attorney

“Excellent service. Very knowledgeable. I received a great settlement check, in a very short time.I would definitely use her again if the need happens again.”

–Bob, Personal Injury Client

Reassuring, Confident, Well-Educated, and Empathetic

“I don’t even know how to put into words how thankful I am for Lauren! I was a pedestrian that was hit by a drunk driver, and when everything seemed to be so crazy and unpredictable she was reassuring, confident, very well educated and empathetic. She kept me informed every step of the way. The world of insurance AND law AND the medical field all combined couldn’t be more complicated, and was my worst nightmare. She did such an amazing job of explaining everything to me in a way I could understand and giving me realistic timelines and expectations. I can say with certainty that I could not have gotten through this without Lauren. I feel so lucky to have found her and she will forever be one of my favorite people! Thank you for all you did Lauren!!!”

–Darby, Pedestrian Accident Client

The Most Professional, Knowledgeable, and Caring Personal Injury Attorney

“I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Lauren. I had been hit by a distracted driver in a high speed car accident and was suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, and neck pain.

Lauren helped me get the treatment that I needed, she kept me up to date every step of the way, she was always there to talk if I had any questions or concerns, and she truly became more than just my attorney – she became a wonderful friend.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney!”

–Riley, Car Accident Client

Wonderful Team

“I was recommended to Lauren Varner by my chiropractor and i can’t thank him enough. Lauren listened to me and everything i had been though and got me way more money than i was expecting. The whole team was very nice and helpful though this whole crazy time. Thank you Lauren.”

–Veronica, Personal Injury Client

Terrific Lawyer – Educational and Helpful

“Ms Varner represented my family on a wrongful death case. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing representation. She helped us to do what we needed to do in order to settle our case quickly, efficiently and in the least expensive way.

She handled every hurdle and hiccup with professionalism, intelligence and grace. Ms. Varner is educational and very patient. We had no knowledge of the process on how a case like ours would proceed and Ms Varner took the time to explain at every step so that we became comfortable with the decisions that were made.

Ms Varner also took time out of her personal to assist with other issues that arose from this case with enthusiasm and passion. 5 out of 5 stars.”

–Jeffrey, Wrongful Death Client

Powerful Legal Representation

“Being a powerful woman attorney in a male dominated profession goes far beyond the legal definition of Lawyer. A woman of stature who presents herself with intelligence, confidence and grace, combined with the ability to pursue the unthinkable is an attribute that Lauren Varner, Personal Injury Attorney, embodies. The knowledge and expertise she possesses is backed with decades of experience both personally and professionally, a proven track record, and a desire to help humanity in both healing as well as supporting monetarily, a life after injury. A relationship of trust is the foundation for every successful lawsuit, and with undeniable certainty I will say – we achieved success. My gratitude runs deep and I am honored to say that Lauren Varner is a pillar within my team of hired professionals, in this case legal representation. A powerful asset to Larson & Larimer, Lauren Varner’s legal work and work ethic is impeccable.”

–Tonya, Pedestrian Accident Client

Professional, Thoughtful and Effective!

“Shortly after a car accident in April 2015, a friend referred me to Ms. Lauren Varner at Larson & Larimer. At the time I remember thinking, “Why is she referring me to an attorney, the insurance companies will take care of it all.” Nearly two and a half years later, I can say with absolute conviction I know I would not have made it through the process without Ms. Varner and her team advocating for me.

While the at-fault driver’s carrier paid my claim in a timely manner, our own carrier was a different story entirely. We were asked over and over again to provide documentation and were then met with silence – even deadlines for a response were ignored by the adjuster. Ms. Varner was thorough and tenacious. Not only did she keep me updated every step of the case, she set clear and reasonable expectations regarding all the timelines as well as potential outcome of the case.

I am profoundly grateful for Ms. Varner’s personal warmth and professional expertise through the last 2 ½ years. Thank you again for the exceptional service and representation. I could never have done this without your support.”

–Elizabeth, Motor Vehicle Accident Client

Great Advocate

“Ms. Varner was wonderful to work with. She not only helped me with the legal parts of my case but also connected me with healthcare providers who helped me physically get back to my normal self. Ms. Varner and her staff were always kind, respectful, thorough and honest with me about where things were and what was going on with my case. The only thing I think they could improve on is their consistent communication. I often had to be the one to reach out to get updates about where things were at. They were not always great about initiating contact, but I’m sure they are very busy and had a lot on their plates too with other cases.”

–Tiffani, Personal Injury Client

Did a Fantastic Job

“After being rear ended twice in 9 months, Ms. Varner was very reassuring and made the process easy. She and her office took care of everything so I could focus on healing and recovery. She was great about checking in, explained things in a way that was easy for me to understand and did a fantastic job getting a settlement that was fair and equitable. Hopefully I will never have to, but I would hire Ms. Varner again in a heartbeat.”

–Alyssa, Motor Vehicle Accident Client

Awesome Experience

“I was referred to Larson and Larimer by a doctor and was assigned to Ms. Varner for the initial consultation. Right from the start I felt comfortable with her and she pointed me in the right direction. My medical care and procedures were easy because everything was handled. Once I completed my medical care and the case work began, I still felt comfortable and at ease. I have been involved in other legal matters that were stressful and chaotic, but his was the complete opposite. Ms. Varner worked diligently to get me the settlement I deserved and I couldn’t be happier.”

–Erin, Personal Injury Client

Excellent, Thorough, Competent Lawyer

“My son and I were involved in an auto accident as a result of another negligent driver. We were referred to Ms. Varner by one of our doctors. From the very first meeting with it was apparent that Lauren’s primary concern was for the well being of my son and I. Lauren and her team handled everything for us. If you want an excellent, thorough, competent lawyer with a great team then this is the attorney you need to hire.”

–Anonymous, Personal Injury Client

The Best Attorney!

“The Best Attorney! I cannot recommend Lauren enough! After my initial car accident I met with a different attorney for a a consultation and was completely turned off of using one. One of my friends had used Lauren in the past and highly recommended her so I gave her a call and immediately felt at ease with hiring her! She was not only knowledgeable about my rights and how to proceed, but she was extremely compassionate and always available to answer any questions. I never had to follow up with her to see where things stood as she always kept me in the loop and made sure I understood what was happening. Shortly after hiring her I ended up in another car accident, and she was able to successfully navigate through all of the insurance companies as I was then being treated for both accidents. She went to bat for me with the insurance companies and I can’t imagine what I would have done if I tried to do this on my own. I can’t say thank you enough and although I hope I don’t end up in a situation where I need her again, I wouldn’t think twice about using her.”

– Ashley, Personal Injury Client

Highly Recommended

“Highly Recommended. Lauren Varner was very efficient with my case. She was very easy to get in contact with when I had questions and she always had the answers. Lauren and her team went above and beyond for my family and me. I would highly recommend Faddis and Varner! Thank you.

-Pete, Personal Injury Client


“I cannot talk Lauren and her crew up enough! Lauren took our case for my daughters car accident and has been the best person we could have picked for the job. Since day one, Lauren has been compassionate, understanding, she really cares about our whole family and the struggles my daughter has gone through since her accident. She has been on top of it from day one and we could not ask for a better person to represent us. She got us the max that we could get! She had to fight to get it. She is the one to fight the insurance company for you! Lauren T in the office has been an amazing person to work with as well. She is great with communication and taking care of the details revolved around what Lauren V needs to do. Lauren T is Lauren V’s right hand “man” and if you cannot reach Lauren V, Lauren T is right on it with answering questions and getting back to you and setting up meetings with Lauren V. Love her as a lawyer AND a person! Eric has also been very gracious and helped us with some questions when Lauren and Lauren were not available. Couldn’t ask for anyone better!!!!!!!”

– Melanie, Personal Injury Client

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