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Construction is one of the most dangerous industries and consistently reports more workplace injuries and deaths than any other industry. When construction injuries occur, victims may have several legal options for recovery and multiple parties could absorb liability for the victim’s damages. Employers that allow dangerous conditions to persist in work environments may also potentially face legal action from governmental oversight agencies.

Why Hire Us for a Construction Accident Claim?

NTLThe personal injury attorneys at Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC have years of experience with civil claims in the Denver, CO area and know how devastating a construction accident can be. Our lawyers are familiar with the regulations and safety standards construction companies must meet and how to determine liability for a construction accident.

You may believe that a construction accident claim is so straightforward that you don’t really need legal representation and can handle your own legal affairs. The average person with no legal experience or training will likely not have the energy, time, resources, or knowledge of the law to handle a lawsuit alone while also recovering from a construction injury. An experienced construction accident attorney can handle a victim’s legal affairs so he or she can focus on recovery.

Dangers of Construction Accidents

There are many reasons why construction is the most dangerous industry. Construction accidents can potentially injure employees as well as bystanders who happen to be near construction sites. Construction accidents can happen from slips-and-falls, bad weather, construction vehicle accidents, equipment failures, explosions, negligent safety standards, or interference from third parties. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls account for nearly 40% of all construction workplace fatalities in the U.S.

OSHA also reports that about 21% of all workplace deaths occur within the construction industry. About 99 fatalities occur on U.S. construction sites every week, or about 14 deaths per day. The other most common causes of serious construction injuries include “struck-by” object incidents, in which victims suffer blows from falling or flying objects, electrocutions, and “caught in-between” incidents, in which victims suffer crushing injuries.

Who Is Liable?

There are many potential defendants in a construction accident lawsuit. A negligent supervisor who ignored a known safety hazard or compliance failure may be liable for any damages if the issue results in an injury to an employee or passerby. A construction company may absorb liability for using substandard tools or materials or failing to enforce required safety protocols. A third party who causes a traffic accident or other incident with a construction worker or at a construction site may also face liability.

Anyone injured in a construction accident who wishes to pursue a construction accident claim should understand how to prove negligence. The plaintiff must show the court that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care, breached that duty, and directly caused the victim’s damages. Colorado follows a comparative negligence law, meaning a plaintiff may absorb some liability for a claim but still recover compensation; he or she simply loses a portion of the case award equal to his or her percentage of fault, so long as the plaintiff is not more negligent than the party against whom he or she is seeking recovery. This law also means multiple defendants could share liability for a plaintiff’s damages.

A construction accident lawsuit may involve a workers’ compensation claim and contacting expert witnesses who can provide a court with a clear picture of the plaintiff’s pain and suffering and long-term medical complications resulting from negligence. A claim may also involve multiple defendants, evolving into a complex legal battle that can take months or years to resolve.

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