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​​When to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident should always lead you to seek legal assistance from a truck accident attorney, but many victims will put their faith in the truck insurance company and not speak to a lawyer. While it might be obvious to you that someone else should cover your losses, it is not that simple to
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How Much is a Head Injury Claim Worth?

After an accident injures you, you might wonder about the average payout for a head injury. In reality, the compensation for such injuries can vary significantly. The severity of the injury, its impact on the victim’s daily life, necessary care, and potential for future functioning and employment all determine the final payout.
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What Are Concussion Injury Claims?

Individuals who suffer concussions in accidents or incidents where they aren’t to blame may seek compensation from the parties responsible for what happened. Whether through a legal proceeding or an insurance claim, those with concussions have the opportunity to pursue financial recovery for the physical, emotional, and financial challenges they face. However,
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Fighting the Insurance Company After a TBI

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a life-altering event filled with often extreme physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Navigating the intricate realm of insurance claims can further add to the complexity, leaving victims and their families dealing with settlements that don’t adequately address their suffering. For individuals who suffered a TBI or
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Dog Bite Liability Laws in Colorado

Dogs are commonly hailed as man’s best friend and are beloved pets across the United States. While most interactions with dogs are positive, dog attacks can occur unexpectedly. In some cases, certain dogs may exhibit aggressive behavior over time, with a history of unprovoked attacks. On the other hand, even seemingly non-aggressive
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How Do You Know If Your Deposition Went Well?

You sometimes need to file a lawsuit in your personal injury case when you cannot reach a settlement agreement with the insurance company. The most critical part of your court case is discovery. Before discovery, you have your evidence, but you do not have access to the evidence in the defendant’s hands.
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What is a Deposition?

In civil litigation, which includes personal injuries, a deposition involves the sworn testimony of witnesses and parties to a lawsuit. It provides attorneys with crucial information that can significantly affect the outcome of a case. Those involved in a personal injury matter must understand the definition, purpose, procedures, and critical aspects of
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What Is Gross Negligence?

Gross negligence may apply in both civil and criminal law. It describes a level of negligence that goes beyond ordinary carelessness or a simple mistake. It represents a significant departure from the standard of care expected from a reasonable person or professional. If you suffered an injury due to the gross negligence
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What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident in Denver

Like all other states, Colorado requires drivers to maintain a minimum liability insurance coverage and stop after an accident. Sadly, not everyone does what they should do. Sometimes, drivers fail to purchase insurance and refuse to stop during an accident. While you can’t control their actions, you can protect your legal rights
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Are Motorcycles Dangerous?

Motorcycle riding is a favorite American pastime. Many like feeling the freedom of the open road or the speed and agility their bikes give them that they can’t get from a passenger vehicle. Others simply like a more economical and environmentally friendly option for getting around. However, despite several safety and technological
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