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How Do I Hire a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

You’ve likely seen advertisements for many local personal injury lawyers on billboards around town, flyers that come in your mail, on daytime television, on the side of public buses, and even online. This leaves you wondering: How do I hire a good personal injury lawyer? No matter where you live, you can
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​How Can I Prove My Pain and Suffering?

People can suffer severe, catastrophic, or even life-threatening injuries in unexpected and preventable accidents. Undoubtedly, they deserve full and fair compensation for their injuries and damages, including pain and suffering. However, how much they can receive for these damages, especially pain and suffering, can depend on many factors. No two cases are
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​How Can a Lawyer Help After a Neck Injury?

Consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer after any injury accident or incident is always beneficial. Those causing injury to the neck are no different. Having a lawyer by your side may be even more imperative when faced with a neck injury. So many of these types of injuries are difficult to
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​Do I Need a Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Pedestrian accidents are a far too common occurrence on today’s roads. What makes matters even worse is that driver negligence is often to blame. Whether speeding, ignoring crosswalks, texting, or under the influence, drivers don’t see these innocent pedestrians until it’s too late. The results are disastrous, leaving them with painful and
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​Can I Sue the City of Denver if I Was Hit by a City Bus?

Denver County’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) is the public agency managing the various public transportation options throughout the Denver Metro area. Since Denver area streets are full of RTD buses, there’s a chance that an accident with one of these large buses may strike anyone in the area. If an RTD bus
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​What Are the Most Common Causes of TBI?

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most common injuries people sustain in accidents. These injuries change the sufferers’ and their loved ones’ lives forever. Survivors struggle with emotional, communicative, cognitive, psychological, and physical impairments. Treatment often requires years of rehab and assistance. TBI survivors have the right to seek compensation when
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​How to Find the Best Slip and Fall Attorney in Denver?

Too many falls happen because of negligence. Falls can happen nearly anywhere, on both private and public property. Some are in homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities; others might occur in grocery stores, schools, parking lots, or malls. There’s much at stake in any personal injury claim, including slip and fall claims.
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​Beware of Dog Sign and Dog Bite Liability in Denver

Dogs, whether pets, working, or hunting dogs, are everywhere in Colorado. While they are beloved animals, they are also a liability because they have the propensity to attack and bite people. A dog bite can result in severe injuries, and dog owners should be held liable for their dog’s actions. However, liability
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​Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations

Pull up any injury attorney’s website, and they will tell you to file your case before you miss the statute of limitations. The same applies to wrongful death claims. Filing your wrongful death case in time is definitely a concern, but it is not the only thing you should worry about. While
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