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Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

Over the last decade, the number of trucks on the roadways has increased as more people begin to order products they need and want online and have them shipped right to their door.

Undoubtedly, you have likely passed one or more Amazon delivery trucks during your day in the Denver area and often see them on your streets. Yet, the more these vehicles are present in the community, the more the risk of Amazon delivery truck accidents increases.

Amazon is unsure of the number of trucks on the roadways, especially in any city. Yet, it is clear that there are numerous vehicles on these roads each day, moving through congested traffic areas, residential neighborhoods, and along busy freeways to move products from place to place.

If you are the victim of a delivery truck accident, you may benefit from contacting a personal injury attorney. With the help of a truck accident attorney, you can seek compensation for the losses these drivers caused you.

Why Do Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents Happen?

Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

There are many potential reasons for Amazon truck accidents to occur. When an accident like this happens, you may be unsure what went wrong or how the driver struck you. Consider a few common causes of accidents with these trucks and vans.

  • Drivers speeding. Drivers on their path may be on a schedule, needing to deliver a certain number of packages within a given timeframe. That means there is pressure to move quickly from one area to the next to meet the package goal.
  • Driver exhaustion. Drivers behind the wheel extensively, often for numerous hours, are at the highest risk of causing accidents. They may be physically and emotionally tired from work, translating into a higher risk for accidents.
  • Poor training. Though many trucks are smaller and delivery vans do not require specialized licenses to drive them, ample skill is still needed to navigate busy roadways to deliver these packages. If the driver needs more experience, that can put others at risk on their shared roads.
  • Stopping and going often. The sheer demand for these drivers is high because the number of stops they make daily is numerous. This kind of driving can often mean that an Amazon driver will stop frequently and, in some cases, suddenly, which does not give the driver behind them enough warning.
  • Poor visibility. Most often, drivers are under precise instructions to get packages where they need to be no matter the circumstances, which means terrible weather may put these drivers on the road at risk. Poor visibility, slick conditions, and driver inexperience can make for a high-risk situation.
  • Driver distraction. In some situations, drivers may not pay attention because they are looking at their navigation app or trying to locate a package in their vehicle for their next delivery. Distractions involving phones, texting, eating, and other activities are common causes of accidents.
  • Intoxication. Sometimes, Amazon delivery drivers can be impaired while behind the wheel, including prescription or illicit drugs or alcohol. Impairment can make it hard for the driver to stop fast enough or react to changing road conditions.
  • Maintenance and vehicle repair failures. In some situations, drivers are not the only problem. The vehicle may have a faulty tire, or the back latch may spring open, causing packages to strike your vehicle. Poor maintenance and upkeep, improper loading of the materials, and equipment failures can all lead to accidents.

These are just some examples of causes of Amazon delivery truck accidents. If this has happened to you or another incident led to your injuries, contact a car accident attorney to discuss your case. You can pursue financial compensation for your losses.

Can You Sue Amazon If a Driver Causes an Accident?

There are various factors to consider in this situation. The key to remember here is that you can pursue compensation for your losses based on the party that caused them. In many cases, your primary responsible party will be the truck driver. The question is, who is insuring that driver?

There are some situations where the driver is employed directly by Amazon. In that case, you can file a claim or a lawsuit against the company for the injuries the driver caused. Other times, a third-party contractor has employed the driver. They may even be independent contractors that are delivering products for the company. A company called Amazon Delivery Partner Services may hire some drivers as well.

The bottom line here is that you need to determine who the driver is working with, and your Amazon delivery truck accident attorney can identify who this is.

Also, note that you may have more than one party responsible for your losses. In some situations, the following can occur:

  • The delivery driver – This is the person behind the wheel who may have acted in a negligent manner, reckless manner, or other way that caused your accident.
  • The driver’s employer – This party may be responsible if they pushed the driver to work while tired or did not ensure the driver had the proper training and skill to operate the vehicle properly.
  • The loading company – In some situations, especially in the case of larger cargo trucks for Amazon, a third-party organization is responsible for loading the trucks. If they failed to load it safely, that may have caused the truck to swerve and create an accident.
  • Repair companies – If the technicians did not repair the truck properly, which led to the injuries you sustained, that can be a party you seek out financial compensation.
  • The vehicle manufacturer – Sometimes, the vehicle’s manufacturer or component may be responsible for the ineffective or unsafe product that caused your injury.

There are a lot of potential parties at risk here. As a result, you must work with an experienced truck accident attorney who can navigate the case and determine who is at fault.

Do Amazon Delivery Drivers Have Liability Insurance?

The simple answer to this question is yes; most Amazon delivery drivers will have liability insurance. Amazon requires their drivers, whether they work as independent contractors or for larger corporations, to maintain at least $1 million in liability coverage.

Liability insurance aims to protect other people from the mistakes or negligence of the driver. If your injuries and losses exceed the amount of coverage in place, you may need to pursue a lawsuit for additional compensation.

What Types of Damages Can You Recover from an Accident with an Amazon Truck?

If you suffered an injury in a car accident with an Amazon truck or delivery van, you can file a claim for your losses with the driver’s insurance company. That may seem straightforward, but remember, it is in the insurance company’s best interest to minimize the claims it pays out. In other words, insurance companies for these corporations can be hard to work with on your own.

With the help of an experienced Amazon truck accident attorney, you can pursue compensation for all of your losses, including:

  • Medical bills from the accident and your recovery
  • Lost time at work
  • Loss of quality of life from long-lasting injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of property due to damage to your car
  • Long-term recovery-related costs
  • Permanent injury compensation, including loss of earning capacity

A core component in this process is understanding how the accident impacted you in the moment it happened and the days and weeks after. How it will affect you for years can also play a role in this process. Your attorney can find evidence to support your claims, including speaking to your doctor, discussing your case with medical experts, and using similar cases to prove your losses.

How to Prove Your Losses in an Accident with an Amazon Truck

If you have been in an accident with an Amazon delivery truck, the burden of proof of the losses you have incurred is on your shoulders (or that of your attorney if you choose to work with them). There are several steps that your attorney can take to prove that the delivery driver was responsible for the losses you have incurred, including:

  • Gather evidence from the event itself, including the police report, which will document what happened from the perspective of each party involved and provide the police officer’s understanding of what occurred. It also often places fault.
  • Photos and videos of the incident, including those from local homes and businesses, can be helpful.
  • Witness statements can help verify your losses and document the incident regarding what happened and why.
  • Driver logs may be accessible with the help of an attorney. These can prove how long the driver was working, whether they had a break, and if they were under pressure to complete their route.
  • Delivery driver medical records may also be available with the help of an attorney. These can prove that the driver was intoxicated or otherwise unfit to be behind the wheel.
  • Expert witness statements and accident recreation can also help prove what occurred and show that you were not to blame for the incident.

When there is an accident with an Amazon delivery truck, you can expect there to be aggressive insurance adjusters working to minimize these claims. As a result, it is nearly always beneficial to work directly with an experienced truck accident attorney to prove your right to compensation.

Should You Settle Your Claim with an Amazon Truck Driver’s Insurance Company?

Sometimes, the insurance adjuster will contact you and ask you to settle the claim for a proposed amount, which can be close to your medical bill total, or it may include some additional compensation for your injuries. Yet, it is rarely the case that this will be all the money available to you. Insurance adjusters will try to negotiate and even pressure you into accepting less than the insurance company owes you before you realize otherwise.

Only settle your claim with the insurance adjuster once you speak to a truck accident attorney to minimize the risk of accepting an unfair settlement. Once you accept a settlement, obtaining more in the future is rare if you realize the amount did not cover your losses. Accepting a settlement before you have legal advice often leaves money on the table.

Instead of risking this, your lawyer will calculate your losses and review settlement offers in comparison. They will advise you when a settlement offer is fair and covers your losses, so you can resolve your case without further concern.

If an offer is inadequate, however, your truck accident attorney will advise you to keep negotiating. Do not worry; they handle all the negotiations for you. They can continue to present persuasive evidence of your damages to support full compensation from the insurer. Many times, you can reach a suitable settlement agreement after several rounds of negotiations. If not, your attorney can file a lawsuit to escalate the matter and show how serious you are about your financial recovery.

Tips for Protecting Your Rights After Amazon Truck Accidents

If you suffered an injury in an accident with an Amazon truck driver, keep the following in mind.

  • Avoid talking about your case on social media. Be sure you do not make claims or show photos of what happened to you, the results, or how you are getting your life back.
  • Always let the attorney handle the conversations with the insurance companies whenever possible to avoid making comments that may be inaccurate or misinterpreted.
  • Promptly get the medical care you need after the accident and on an ongoing basis.

Amazon delivery truck accidents can create significant injuries for victims and can put you at risk for a lifetime of pain and suffering. If you have been in a serious accident, get medical care, file a police report, and hire an experienced truck accident attorney to guide and support you as you seek compensation for your losses.

Seek Help from a Truck Accident Attorney

Time is of the essence in all Amazon truck accident cases. Never wait to schedule your consultation with a trusted Denver personal injury lawyer who can immediately begin preserving evidence and protecting your rights.

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