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Injured at a Denver Broncos Game?

You went to a Denver Broncos game and, in some way, suffered an injury. These games involve a lot of passion; sometimes, people drink too much, and fans can clash. Other times, you may have fallen over debris in the stands or suffered an injury from a falling object.

No matter what type of accident happened, you may wonder what to do when you face medical bills and other losses. If you have suffered an injury at a Denver Broncos game, you can take action to obtain the support and compensation you deserve.

Perhaps you were among the 76,000 people who went to the Empower Field at Mile High to watch the Denver Broncos take on one of their rivals. The game (whether it was cold or not) was intense. Without a doubt, this type of atmosphere creates a high risk for injuries. What should you do if you are the victim?

If you’ve been injured at a Denver Broncos game, it’s vital to seek legal assistance promptly. Contacting a personal injury attorney in Denver ensures that a seasoned lawyer will make informed decisions to protect your rights and pursue potential compensation on your behalf.

Who Is Liable if You Are Hurt at an NFL Game?

Injured at a Denver Broncos Game

One of the first steps in any incident like this is proving that someone is liable for your injuries, which can be more challenging than it seems.

Look at the ticket you received when you went to the game, and chances are that there are details that outline liability factors. The NFL and the Denver Broncos know there are significant risks in attending any event like this. They are aware that flying objects can hit people, individuals might cause harm due to intoxication, and, at times, conditions in Denver can become challenging to handle as the game progresses. That is why a notice on the ticket limits the liability the Denver Broncos or others affiliated with the game take on.

The ticket typically will contain a disclaimer that, by purchasing this ticket, you recognize there are risks in attending the game. The liability details likely also include statements that you cannot hold the team, the NFL, or other associated parties liable for those risks. They know many situations can injure a fan, so they clearly state this.

Does that mean you cannot pursue legal action or that you cannot hold anyone else responsible for your losses? To have a personal injury case, you must prove that negligence occurred on behalf of the sporting facility and demonstrate that the team, facility, or others failed to fulfill a responsibility, thus exposing you to risk.

You cannot hold the team liable for your losses if the incident involves any gameplay component. Yet, if injuries occur due to risks unrelated to the game, you can hold the facility responsible for those losses.

These circumstances can make it difficult to determine if you have a case. That is why it is often beneficial to seek out the help of a personal injury attorney to discuss your case. The details of your case can make a big difference in what legal rights you have to compensation.

The Assumption of Risk Limits Your Ability to File a Claim

Each situation varies, but fans take on a level of risk in most NFL games and accept the potential for injury by continuing to attend. The assumption of risk you agree to when buying and using a ticket means that you cannot hold some parties responsible for your injuries, including:

  • The team itself
  • The players in the game
  • The stadium itself

If you have suffered an injury at a Denver Broncos game, seeking legal assistance promptly is crucial. Remember, the disclaimer might involve multiple parties, making it complex. Avoid discussing the incident on social media and gather all relevant details. Reaching out to a personal injury attorney in Denver ensures an experienced attorney will make informed decisions to safeguard your rights and potential compensation.

You Should Seek Out Legal Guidance

Discuss your case with an attorney if you are hurt while attending a Broncos game and have medical bills and other losses. Refrain from assuming you have no legal recourse because there are many situations where pursuing legal action and a claim may be possible.

What Happens If You Are Hurt Due to the Property’s Condition?

One of the reasons that you may suffer an injury is the stadium’s condition. Despite being a relatively new location, thousands of people utilize it during each game, increasing the possibility of damage occurring at any moment. It is a large property, so routine maintenance is critical to ensuring that the fans and others are safe.

For instance, if you sustain an injury due to exposed concrete or broken tile while using the restroom at the facility, they might be accountable for your losses. Perhaps you walked through the property to get to your seat, and a sign fell on you.
In these types of situations, you must prove that negligence occurred. You must show that the facility should have known about the problem and did not take steps to fix it properly, and as a result of that, you suffered an injury. Equipment upkeep and proper functioning of safety systems are essential.

If the property’s equipment fails and is in poor condition or lacks maintenance, it may be possible to seek financial compensation for your losses. Remember that it is only sometimes possible to do this, so seeking legal help from a trusted personal injury attorney in Denver is essential.

What Happens If Another Spectator Hurts You at a Game?

Sometimes, during even the best Denver Broncos games, people get angry. The tension and the adrenaline on the field can lead to disagreements in the stands. Simple things like arguments about seats or talking about each other can lead to a physical altercation. What should you do if someone hits you at a game like this?

Every situation is different. If the assault did not lead to injuries, medical bills, or other losses, you may not have any legal right to pursue anything. You can only file a lawsuit against someone if you suffer losses.

You have the right to take action if a person assaults you and causes injury. Always protect yourself by filing a police report about the incident, gathering evidence from witnesses, and going to the emergency room.

You may file a civil claim against the person who caused your injury to seek compensation for losses, just like after another preventable injury. The assailant might also face criminal assault charges, and a conviction can help your civil case.

Violent spectator incidents can lead to severe injuries and losses. If this happens to you, find a personal injury attorney who can assist in identifying the responsible party and securing the owed compensation in that situation.

Colorado Dram Shop Laws After an Assault at a Denver Broncos Game

Sometimes, while you might not hold the Broncos accountable for another fan’s violent conduct, vendors who sold alcohol might be liable under certain circumstances.

Colorado’s Dram Shop laws hold establishments accountable for serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated individuals or underage individuals who subsequently cause harm. If an assault occurs at a Denver Broncos game, and the assailant was under 21 or visibly intoxicated due to alcohol from a stadium establishment, Dram Shop liability may apply.

For a successful claim, you must demonstrate:

  • Serving alcohol to an underage or visibly intoxicated person: Evidence that the assailant was served alcohol while already visibly intoxicated.
  • Causation: Establishing a direct link between the assailant’s intoxication and the assault.

Victims must provide proof that the assailant was underage or exhibited clear signs of intoxication, such as slurred speech or impaired coordination.

Colorado’s Dram Shop laws offer a legal avenue for victims to seek compensation from establishments contributing to alcohol-related incidents. However, these claims are complex and often challenging to prove. If you succeed, however, you can hold a vendor or business liable for your losses. Victims should consult with a personal injury attorney familiar with Dram Shop liability to understand their rights and navigate the complexities of such claims.

What Are Some Exceptions to the Assumption of Risk Rule in a Denver Broncos Game?

Most often, you cannot file a claim for actions that lead to an injury during gameplay. If a ball comes over the nets and hits you in the face, you cannot sue for the losses (though it is common for the NFL and Denver Broncos to assist those who are hurt). In some situations, you can file a claim, mainly if the injury did not occur due to or during gameplay. Here are some examples.

  • A railing along a stairwell collapses, and you fall, suffering injuries.
  • A sign hanging over the stands falls, and you suffer an injury.
  • You suffered an injury by a player throwing a ball into the stands angrily before or after the game (not during gameplay).
  • You suffered injuries when your chair collapsed due to poor maintenance and upkeep.
  • A vendor at the game caused you to trip due to their debris.

If you believe you might have a case, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss it, and they will clarify your legal rights.

An Attorney Can Help You to Prove Negligence

Take immediate action if you get injured at a Denver Broncos game. Reach out to a personal injury attorney in Denver to discuss your case. You can often use a free consultation to learn more about your rights, including whether you have a claim and what steps you can take to receive compensation. There are several ways an attorney can support you.

Determine if you have a case

The first step is determining if proving liability in your case is possible. The attorney will explore what occurred, the needed evidence, and any details you can offer. If there is enough to believe you can have a case, your attorney will gather evidence to support it, including photos and data from witnesses and injury reports from you and your doctor.

Determine your losses

If you have a case, then your attorney will aid you in determining what your losses are. That involves quantifying the compensation owed to you because of the incident, including:

It will be essential to have proof of your losses. To do that, your attorney will gather medical bills, evaluate the case that caused changes and loss to your life, and use past instances like your own to prove the losses you have. The goal is to clarify that you suffered financially due to the incident.

Seek out compensation from the associated process

The NFL and the Denver Broncos have high-powered insurance companies and attorneys working for them. They will do whatever they can to settle your case quickly and for as little as possible. Yet, you certainly want to pursue a claim when you have a viable case with clear documentation of your losses. Your attorney can do this and also negotiate any terms and conditions presented. The ultimate goal here is to maximize the compensation paid to you.

Going to court may be necessary

Your attorney may encourage you to pursue additional compensation by advocating for your case in a court of law. A civil lawsuit may be necessary if you’ve suffered an injury and losses, and the responsible party denies giving you the owed compensation. This legal recourse can be essential to obtaining the rightful compensation you deserve.

Explore Your Options By Contacting an Attorney

Prompt action is crucial if you’ve experienced an injury during a Denver Broncos game. Don’t hesitate to seek the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney in Denver to protect your rights. Gathering all relevant details about your case, including witness statements, medical records, and any pertinent evidence, is essential. Remember to avoid discussing the incident on social media, as this can impact your case.

A seasoned attorney can provide invaluable support by assessing your situation and advising you on the best legal steps. From understanding your rights to strategizing how to recover your losses, they’ll be your advocate throughout this challenging period. Take immediate action to ensure effective handling of your case and maximize your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

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